Liability Issues To Consider With Your Membership Website

There are many legal issues that can arise from your membership site.  Here are liabilities you need to consider before embarking on your business. 

  • Are you using other people’s trademarks in a possibly infringing manner on your site?
  • Are you using other people’s trademarks in the meta-tags on your site?
  • Do you link to outside sites of a questionable nature?
  • Have you considered the truth in advertising laws for your state?
  • What is your policy for allowing outside links?
  • Have you considered anti-trust laws?
  • Does your domain name infringe on anybody else’s trademarks?
  • Is copyrighted material being used on your site?
  • Is there anything defamatory on your site?
  • Will guest authors be held liable for their articles or content on your site or will you be?
  • What happens when a member wants to cancel their membership?
  • Will you allow links to sponsors?
  • Are there any obscene materials on your site?
  • Will you be using an iframe on exit links?
  • Is the voice or likeness of a celebrity or famous person being used on your site without permission?
  • How will you handle charge-backs and refund requests?
  • Will you be syndicating your content?
  • Will your members have to sign and agree to your terms and conditions page before they are allowed access to your site?

Take care of these issues upfront before you get too far into building your site.  If you think of any others, please post it in the comments area below.

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Great checklist Rob!


Anytime you can AVOID lawyers is good.


How do you handle refunds and chargebacks from people? Is there a legal way to stop those and reduce liability?