A Membership Website For Cake Decorators With Sweet Profit Potential

Here’s another example of an unusual membership website that appears to be very profitable. Custom cake decorating is a popular pastime, but not many people know how to do it well.

Most cakes come out bad and looking like something else entirely.  Not anymore.  When you become a member of this delicious membership site, the praise you’ll get will be more than just the icing on the cake.

YummyArts is an online training resource for cake decorators and people interested in the cake decorating business.  They describe themselves as a website for “cake and cookie decorators who are starting, improving and growing their yummy passions”.

Yummy ArtsInside the site they feature hundreds of articles, in-depth cake decorating videos, a members-only forum and more!  Membership is just $27 per month for access to everything on the site.  They also have an online store, reference library, tools and recipe section, making it the most comprehensive cookie or cake decorating site available anywhere.

Yummy ArtsYummyArts has a passion for what they do and it shows!  I especially liked the guest tour that gave a sneak preview of their members area.

The site is built on Membergate (with custom programming).  And the content in YummyArts is in-depth and unique, with step-by-step instructions giving every detail.  With their help, you’ll be able to make cakes that look like theirs!

Yummy ArtsIf you were a cake or cookie decorator or were interested in a food business of your own, wouldn’t YOU become a member of YummyArts?  I know I would!

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My wife enjoys baking and would probably love this site. She does all the cooking and I get to do all the eating, which is the best part! Yummyarts indeed.