These Seven Steps Which Will Determine The Success Of Your Membership Site

Many people overlook the basics when building their membership business, but it’s no secret how to make your site successful (it’s all been done before).  Every membership site that has become profitable has mastered each one of these seven steps.  How many can you master?

Here are the seven steps which will determine the success of your membership site:

1. Increase the number of prospects you attract and capture (for follow-up).

2. Convert more prospects into paying members.

3. Get more members to upgrade their membership from a shorter period of time to a longer period (such as monthly to yearly).

4. Sell your members other products and services (expand your business into books, seminars, consulting, offers from partners, etc.)

5. Retain more members longer and reduce your cancellations.

6. Turn your members into affiliate partners and make them a raving fan for your business, (which helps you sell more memberships at less cost).

7. Convince past members to come back and rejoin your membership site.

That’s it.  Pretty simple when you boil it all down.

These seven steps are critical if you want to enjoy long-term success.  No need to complicate things.  Just focus on the area you’re having the most difficulty with and the rest will trickle down.

Master each step and you’ll soon make your membership site more profitable in less time.

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It can’t get any simpler than this Rob! 🙂


I’m sure there are a lot of steps in between here that are being left out, if it were that easy everyone would do it!


Every business has many steps to it and this is a bit of putting it simply but is a good guideline I think. I would add step 8 which is “go to the bank and deposit your money”. 🙂


Keep it simple man that’s the best way to go.