The One Secret Why Membership Sites Are So Profitable

This one secret proves why membership sites have become so profitable.  Once you understand exactly what it is, you’ll agree that you need to include it in your business.  It’s so powerful it could even make or break your success.  Learn what it is.

Renewal income.  That’s the secret.

Here’s why renewals are so powerful:

1. It gives you a steady monthly income you can depend on in your business.

2. You won’t have to worry about your monthly cashflow or how you’re going to pay your fixed expenses.

3. It’s scalable and can grow as big as you want to.

4. Once your membership site is up and running and your renewal income is flowing, it can continue for months or even years on its own (even without your direct involvement).

5. Many people forget that they’ve signed up to a monthly renewal plan, the income continues until they cancel or their credit card bounces (whether or not they even use your site).

6. On yearly membership plans you can amortize and spread the income over the full year (check with your accountant first).

7. You can accurately forecast your future earning potential based on current member renewals and past cancellation and attrition rates.

8.  You may be able to use your “future” income to get loans and additional funding upfront when needed.

9. It gives you a growing asset that has intrinsic value you can sell to an interested buyer.

10. It’s your own “annuity” you’ve created and will continue to pay “dividends”.

11. It’s passive income you can rely on just like rental property (and can be split up or developed further as your needs change).

12. It’s fun to see money flowing into your bank account each day with no active involvement by you to “make the sale”.

Shouldn’t you consider a membership site for your business?  The benefits and opportunity are simply too great to ignore!

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I think if anyone is willing to pay you money, then that’s a good thing. Now you just gotta find what that thing is?!


Has anyone here ever used XM satellite radio? When you try to cancel that, they do anything they can to get you stay and even give you free months when you leave so you can stay on board as a member. They hope you just forget about the plan and keep on paying like I did.


I had XM but got rid of it because it kept getting more and more expensive to the point it cost too much damn money. Couldn’t justify the $20 a month expense anymore so see ya! Don’t miss it at all.