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Frequently Asked Questions


    • Can You Guarantee I’ll Succeed With My Membership Site?
      We can ONLY guarantee the quality of our training material and advice.  We can’t guarantee your success or your membership site.  That’s up to you!  As with any business, there is a chance you could fail.  There are simply too many determining factors and variables to consider which could impact your own personal situation.  But, there’s also a pretty good chance you WILL succeed.  Your success is ultimately up to you and we’ll be there to help you every step of the way!
    • Will You Help Me Start A Membership Site?
      Absolutely!  That’s what we’re here to do.  Not only will you get access to a wealth of resources, but you’ll also have ongoing guidance and support to answer all your questions and help you succeed.  Our goal is to keep you as member.  If you make money, then we make money and we both win!  Sound good?!
    • Can I Ask You Questions About My Membership Site?
      Of course!  You get unlimited help and support in our private members-only discussion forum.  It’s like having a whole team of experts ready and willing to help you succeed!
    • I Love Your Site, How Can I Become An Affiliate Or Partner?
      You can join our affiliate program and get full details in our affiliate center.
    • How Many Members Do You Have?
      Sorry, but due to competition we don’t reveal our membership numbers.



    • How Do I Change Or Update My Username, Password Or Contact Details?
      First you need to log into the site.  Then, you can easily change or update your account information in the member control panel.
    • How Do I Change Or Update My Credit Card And Payment Details?
      First you need to log into the site.  Then, you can easily change or update your payment online in the member control panel.
    • How Do I Cancel My Membership?
      First you need to log into the site.  Then, you can easily cancel your membership online instantly in the member control panel.  We’re sorry to see you go, but understand that our site isn’t for everybody.
    • What Happens When I Cancel?
      Your membership will end and you will NOT be re-billed for the next month.  Don’t worry though, you’ll still have access to the site up until the renewal date you joined on and won’t lose out on any time you already paid for.  You’re only responsible to pay for your membership up until the current month you are a member.

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