The Top 6 Profitable Topics For Membership Sites

Thinking of starting a membership site but don’t know where to start?  It all starts with a great idea.  Based on my experience in dealing with hundreds of membership and subscription sites, here is a list of the most profitable types of topics.

1. Anything to do with making money.

Real estate, stocks, financial planning.  These are all great topics.  They are highly competitive and you have to offer real value to get people to stick around.  But, if you can overcome the initial hurdle, it can be quite lucrative.

2. Anything to do with health and fitness.

Health and improving one’s body is an evergreen topic. Natural healing, exercise and fitness are all great topic ideas.  Pick something that you’re passionate about, then get fit yourself and make money while doing so!

3. How to grow a more profitable [insert type of home or small business] here such as window washer, landscaper, home decorator, etc.

These are small business people who often work alone and do not have the support of a full company. Much of what draws them into a membership site is not just the content but the feeling of camaraderie inside the community.

4. Any larger organized profession.

If there is a trade group or association that exists, that means you have a captive audience and an easy way to reach them.  If you are the head of a paid member organization, you could easily add a premium, paid service to your website and instantly monetize your base with very little effort.  You already have the “members” there, now just offer them more value at a profit.

5. Hobbies that people are passionate about and are willing to spend money on.

Even fishing, which is in the top 5 of favorite pastimes, could become a profitable membership site.  And there are sites out there which (even though the activity is mostly outdoors) take advantage of people’s passions.  Again, the community can become your biggest seller.

6. Information that has value and saves people time.

If people can find everything you offer on their own, then there’s no reason for you to be in business.  You have to give them something they can’t find anywhere else.  And even if they can find the same information somewhere else, you have to go one step further and make your resource the best there is and even better than what’s out there.  That’s why have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.  Doing a full and fair evaluation of your competition is critical.

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One lady I know uploaded old sewing patterns onto her site and she sells copies.


I also like to knit and crochet and that’s always a fun way to pass the time at the doctor’s office.