How To Create A Simple Free Site To Test Your Membership Idea

Stop.  Before you spend any money on expensive membership software, take a step back.  Once you build your site, how do you know people are actually going to subscribe and become a member?

You want to recoup your investment, don’t you?!  Here’s an easy way to test your membership site idea at no cost.  You won’t spend any big money.  It’s free!

Use Google’s service to create your membership site. is an advanced and well-run blogging service and has everything you need to create a simple, basic website with paid member access.  It’s not fancy nor has all the “bells and whistles” of expensive membership software, but it gets the job done.

You can post articles, upload images, embed youtube videos and more. You can can even set some content as private (for members only) while other content remains publicly accessible.  People can leave comments and interact with each other.

You can create static pages and customize your site with google “gadgets” (which are the same as plugins in WordPress).  This can extend the functionality of your site beyond being just a “blog”.  It can be designed to look like a traditional membership site.

Upload your content to Turn on protection.  Create a simple sales page.  Embed a recurring subscription paypal payment button (or another way you’ll accept payment).  Then, once the order comes in, email the login details to your new member.

The only downside is that your blogger site is limited to just 100 members and you’ll have to manually manage the username and passwords (each time someone joins or leaves your site).

But, it’s a great way for you to test your membership site idea for FREE and at absolutely no upfront cost.  Once you grow and have income flowing in, you’ll be able to move up to more advanced membership software solutions when you’re ready.

Keep things simple. Keep costs low.  And keep on moving forward with your membership site.

No more excuses.  Get started today!

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Wow, I never knew you could use blogger for that.


Nice. Everyone wants fully automated signups from the start. This just confirms that there is nothing wrong with a manual signup process at the start.


Yeah, procrastination is not starting things. Perfectionism is not finishing things. Both are caused by fear of shipping.

I think it’s probably a subconcious fear rather than lack of willpower, and that’s probably why people get so frustrated and stressed. They’re working hard, but getting nowhere because their lizard brain doesn’t want change…

We’re agreeing here. 🙂