21 Ways To Build Your Site With Hosted Membership Software

If you don’t want to deal with managing your own web host and dealing with server issues, there are solutions available which will take all the trouble out of building your membership site.

It’s called hosted membership software and it’s where your provider does all the heavy lifting for you!  Otherwise known as “software as a service” or SAAS.  Here are 21 hosted solutions which may be a good fit for you.

Features vary widely and pricing can run from $30 a month up to several hundred.  It depends what you want and how serious you are about your business.  Some providers only work with established companies and mid-size “corporate” clients.  You’ll want to research each thoroughly before making any decisions.

You might also want to consider a self-hosted option such as using WordPress along with many of the membership plugins that are compatible with the software.  Memberpress is a great option to look at.

Self-hosted solutions are a lot cheaper than a hosted solution (where you pay a monthly fee) and you also have greater control over your site (but also greater risk).

We’ll cover the difference between hosted and self-hosted membership platforms in another article, be sure to look for it.

This list is a good starting point if you decide to outsource and go the hosted route.

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Has anyone here ever used Kajabi?


So we should use Kajabi for video sites? What about audio?


Are any of these forum software?

Very interesting. Thanks for the list, and the reply. I’m glad I didn’t see any of these before I went with Xenforo, I might never have got round to starting. I will have a look at them after a few months and I’ve a better idea of where my forum is going. I’d spent two weeks as it was evaluating a lot of forum type of solutions: 1) invisionboard (poor documentation, seems aimed at techies) 2) kajabi (seemed nice, but couldn’t make a nice landing page easily… fell over at the first hurdle then) 3) vbulletin (was a front runner… Read more »